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Demetrios G. Jameson

"I am primarily a figurative painter. The figure for me is a symbol of my vision and imagination -- an ideal, a dream fantasy that represents (for me) life, death, nature and the beauty of all things around me. The figures become my gods and goddesses.

"Besides the figure as a symbol, the land and in particular the sea -- I believe all life comes from the sea -- has offered beautiful forms which I use as symbols in my work. The rock formations that represent power and strength -- walls and boxes reprsenting confinement. Algae from the seas and rivers; coral, sea urchins and sea anemones from the oceans that, in my work, evolve as seeds; the womb and sac-like shapes becoming symbols of the breath and emergence of life. These same images I use to create the surreal, dream-like visions of a utopian world -- living in my imagination."

Philip A. Jameson

"Many ecologists and environmental activists consider the 1990s to be a critical phase for the earth—a kind of make-or-break period at the very end of the millennium; ten short years in which to alter the century's self-destructive momentum of environmental neglect and degradation and create an ecologically responsible society. At the same time, many artists are reflecting on their reasons for making art in the context of society's problems, and are evaluating how their art-making relates to the concerns of the greater whole. Making art is a search for truth; art can be a powerful force for change. Artists, by their very nature, can lend their creative approach to the examination of the problem. Since 1973, the majority of work I have created reflects the sensitive balance between the environment, humankind, and the increasing power of technology. Art documentation of these situations is an ongoing necessity, in order to create awareness of these problems so we can return to a natural balance within our lives, the earth, and existence."
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Jameson Art
Jameson Art Jameson Art Jameson Art Jameson Art Jameson Art Jameson Art Jameson Art Jameson Art
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